VR Panoramic Promotion

Capture breathtaking scenery using drones equipped with panoramic cameras, allowing users to explore the surroundings.

  • Impactful and immersive visuals feeling.
  • Supports viewing on VR goggles, XR surround screens, and mobile devices.
  • Best option for natural resource conservation areas and outdoor street views.
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VR social media promotion

The latest promotional display methods on mainstream social media.

  • Outputting valuable information efficiently.
  • Supports mainstream platforms like Facebook and YouTube.
  • Support smart phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Best choice for entertainment places.
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VR panoramic web navigation service

Allow customers to browse and explore every corner of interest within a specific area.

  • An innovative marketing strategy to attract more customers.
  • Prior understanding of the destination environment and facilities.
  • Freedom to move around within expansive environments.
  • Support smart phones, tablets, and computers.
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Watch the creative processbehind our digital marketing.

What is your VR production process?

We will use specialized 360 cameras to shoot panoramic photos or videos of the scene. The materials will then be imported into professional VR production software for post-production and editing. This includes image editing, color correction, stitching, cropping, etc. Interactive elements like buttons, links, audio can be added according to requirements to provide a richer user experience. After completion, the VR panorama will be exported in appropriate formats supported by platforms such as VR applications (VR glasses), websites or social media. It will then be published on corresponding platforms for users to view and experience. It should be noted that the specific production process may vary depending on the tools and software used.

What is the average cost of VR production services?

Our VR production service prices range from 3,000 to 20,000 HKD. The price difference mainly stems from the difficulty of the VR shooting service chosen by the customer. Some customers may opt for shooting in 8K or 11K resolution, which increases the specifications of the shooting equipment and the difficulty of post-production editing, resulting in higher costs. Additionally, if customers want to add tags or annotations to the visuals, the cost will also increase.

Please introduce more about VR panoramic web navigation services.

The service primarily combines webpages with VR photos. We capture multiple panoramic photos of different spaces in a larger area and integrate them to showcase a complete environment. Users can simply swipe the screen to view the panoramic environment and click on buttons within the scene to quickly switch between scenes. This allows users to feel immersed and gain a comprehensive understanding of the wide-ranging environment. Additionally, logos or other essential information can be added to the scene. Furthermore, we can create a dedicated webpage for you, where users can click on an embedded hyperlink image to jump to the panoramic viewing page. Unlike traditional uploading of multiple photos to social media, which often lacks context, VR panoramic promotion allows you to convey multiple information to viewers in a short time. Users can access all functionalities through both mobile devices and computer webpages.

Does your VR project support other platforms, such as PC, game console or mobile device?

In addition to playing on specific devices such as VR headsets, our VR projects also fully support platforms such as mobile phones, tablets, and PC.

Do you provide after-sales support? If I encounter problems during use, can I contact you for help?

We provide after-sales support and inquiries. If you feel unsatisfied, please feel free to contact us.

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